Hi Spring, I’m Ready For You // Winter, GTFO


Every spring my mom would start shuffling around the house. It’d initially start with a chair, then progress to a couch. I’d come home to them being in different spots of the living room, along with bags of old clothes ready to be given away. As a child, this would throw off my entire afternoon. I’d have to restrategize how to position myself in order to watch my favorite evening T.V. shows and would be petrified about having a missing piece of clothing. I’d walk around the house grumbling under my breath “She’s lost it!!! How can she do this to us every year!!” I just didn’t get it.

When spring does finally decide to “spring” into bloom, that urge to reset, refresh, and regroup tends to be a natural reflex for us all. In NYC the frigid winter kicks our asses so badly, that when spring rolls around we are all more than ready. You’ll see us in what I call our “winter GTFO” clothing. For example, it’ll be 35 degrees outside but we’ll be in shorts and a winter parka. The thought of wearing tights for one more Saturday night dance party is unfathomable, so we just ignore the bipolar weather. From March-April the temperature can range anywhere from 30-75 degrees, giving us all the beginning glimmers of the warm summer months ahead.

What I do love about this refreshing season besides the fact the flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping, is that it’s such a special time to set my intentions for the year. My latest goal has been to make a 6:45 AM vinyasa yoga class, which I’m not going to lie, I totally regret every time my alarm goes off. Hitting the snooze button is so much easier than pulling myself out of bed at that hour.

There is something super victorious, however, when I lay my mat on the ground and realize that I made it to that calming space. Setting a goal, and actually getting out of my bed before 7 AM makes me want to pat myself on the freakin’ back.  In a city as busy as NYC, creating a time for yourself can often get lost in the shuffle. We tend to prioritize work, significant others, and friends over taking an hour to invest in ourselves. It’s such an important aspect of our psyche, and it affects every piece of life in such a positive way when we take the time to do it.

I have found incredible peace in my morning meditations. Yoga is a powerful practice physically, but for me the peace has come mentally. Learning to breathe and listen to my body before my day even gets going helps set it on the correct path. Making intentions helps me achieve what I genuinely want, and holds me accountable for how I live my present.

What intentions can you set for yourself this season? What activities do you want to pick up for the warmer months ahead?

Happy Spring :)


It’s All In the Journey (Donn’ttt Stop! Beliiiieeeving!)

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South Africa’s Most Magical Beauty Product


To begin, I’d like to emphasize how I would have zero shame in flying down to South Africa just to fill a bag to the brim with this fabulous beauty product. Famously known by its hyphenated name, Zam-Buk has been hailed as a “super-ointment” since 1903. 1903!!! That’s over a century of winning. Curing everything from allergic reactions to severe scarring, Zam-Buk is a South African medicinal staple item. Zam-Buk can also be used as a daily moisturizer, balancing the needs between dry and oily skin by using it to create a new defense barrier against the elements. Infused with eucalyptus oil, camphor, thyme, sassafras, and bees wax, this African ointment holds essential ingredients for healthy, and rejuvenated skin.

Add this to your beauty ritual today (because it is the shiii)! Getchya some here. #doit


The Feels // SA





You got me, ok? You got me. When I flew in for the first time I was struck by your beauty. It rises up like a hidden paradise, graceful and majestic. Your people are warm, and their spirits are bright. They reflect the realities of modern day life through a complex mixing of language, ethnicities, customs, and race. History has been hard on you, and your scars show. You try to hide them, as I’ve noticed, but we all know they’re still there. Though it’s easier to just be silent, the burdens have already paid their toll. The hurt has passed on to a new generation now, and it creates a dynamic conflict that pushes and pulls through you like a powerful current.


Behind the Scenes: New York Fashion Week Edition


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Recently, I had the pleasure of being a part of the #mondaymuse writing series for a lifestyle blog launched by the Montreal group called “I” by Elles. They showcase the lives of professional working women that aim to accomplish their goals, and make their dreams a reality. Hop on over to send them some love, and read my personal behind the scenes coverage of NYFW here! x



Swimming With Great Whites Is Easier Than Blogging

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Summer was on the verge of beginning below the equator, and my bestfriend (Emer), and I had just made it to what felt like the end of the world. I had never seen a place so magnificent. Cape Town, South Africa is known for it stunning landscapes and wildlife that weave in and out of the tropical city. The central point of the town is a massive mountain, shaped like a table-top, whose ever so original name was fondly declared as, well….Table Mountain. The mountain rises up, and looms over the city. Reflecting her moods by the low lying clouds that roll off her edges. I personally found it looked like Jurassic Park. I was just waiting for a Velociraptor to pop out from behind me. Cape Town’s streets are packed with cars, and shouting vendors trying to sell their goods. The bright sun bursts and dances across the water that surrounds the city, while exotic birds chirp and fly across the base of the mountain. I initially felt like I had somehow stumbled upon a hidden paradise that was a secret to the rest of the world.

Before I left for my backpacking trip that year, my mom had only given me two rules. They were as follows: